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Through my many athletic experiences in life I have become quite familiar with the phrase "sweet spot" but I must confess I never considered how this phrase related to my personal life. I worked hard as an athlete to find the sweet spot on my tennis racket so I could beat my college friend David in tennis or my high school buddies in golf but I must confess it was not until I read Max Lucado's book Cure For A Common Life that I understood there is a "sweet spot" for my life.

Bestselling author Lucado dedicates this book to helping readers discover their "sweet spot"—the job or life calling they were created for. He guides readers on their search to find the unique abilities God may have built into them. First step: "read your life backward" to see where you've been successful and what you've loved in the past. Readers are directed to find their personal "S.T.O.R.Y."—strengths, topic, optimal conditions, relationships and "Yes!" moments. This acronym originates with People Management Inc., whose theories helped Lucado find his own strengths and form much of the foundation for this book.

My own sweet spot word is "build", I am a builder. I am most satisfied and fulfilled when I am building something. At a very early age I started by building model cars and could not get enough of it, then I graduated to building furniture in shop class at my high school. I also have a passion to communicate to groups of people, when combined with my passion to build it indentifies my sweet spot.


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