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business coach

Over the years I have built several successful businesses -the first being a paper route. I doubled my clients in the first year and used the rewards of my hard work to buy my first 10 speed bike. Since then my entrepreneurial skills have lead me to building a construction company, a non-profit charity for children and the disenfranchised, a wedding officiant company, along with several online companies. I seem to come by it honestly and naturally as I was surrounded by a family of entrepreneurs and business owners. Both my Grandfathers were self employed, as well as my father, brother-in-law, uncle, first cousin, and nephew... I think you get the point . It is in our blood.

I have a great passion to see others succeed in business, I do this by using a simple business model I have created and combine it with my years of success and experience. The following options are available to those interested in securing my business coaching services:

Presentation and explanation of my business model

Presentation and explanation of my business along with coaching for implementation

Presentation and explanation of my business model, implementation coaching, business evaluation and strategic plan for change

Business evaluation and staff assessment

Web Presence and web development coaching

Staff training and staff development strategies

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