My Ministry Goals

This is:

What I Do

The passion of my heart is to build up people and ministries by communicating the truth of the word of God through preaching and teaching.

For the past few years I have been involved in an exciting outreach marketplace rites of passage ministry that my wife and I created, built, developed and led. Although opportunities exist to communicate truth, it does not completely satisfy my desire for my love of regular exegetical preaching and the systematic teaching of the Bible.

What I Have Done

I have served many years in pastoral ministry in traditional congregations.  I have built, developed and restored ministries as a leader, builder, teacher, administrator and vision-caster. See 'accomplishments'

What I Want To Do

I am seeking a position in an evangelical community of faith whose members are eager to grow in their understanding of God's word, and passionate about reaching others with the message of the grace of Jesus Christ.  I see my primary role and focus as preaching/teaching.

Where I Fit

The ideal situation for me is one where I can regularly build up and inspire others through the preaching of the word of God. The perfect situation would be where I can serve together with my wife.