The following people are available to serve as a reference to my character, gifts, abilities and to answer any questions that your search committee might need answered.

Stephen Robinson

I have known Stephen most of my ministry life. He and his family joined the church I was pastoring as a young minister in rural Ontario. Stephen and his family became an integral part of our ministry and we have remained friends and associates in the Kingdom ever since. Stephen has been a very important mentor in my life helping when needed, praying for me and my family and sharpening me in my faith journey.

Phone: 519.878.4172


Jan Taylor

I met Jan 25 years ago through my wife Rosanne. Jan and her husband Bob were foundational members of our outreach ministry to the disenfranchised. Jan taught me a great deal about intercession and faith over the seven years we served together. Jan and her husband were both an integral part of our ministry and she will be able to speak to roles on leadership, teaching and administration.

Phone: 519.639.5793


James MacNeil

James met me at wedding I officiated for his uncle. He was most intrigued by the ministry we had established to those disconnected from a faith community. It wasn't long before James and his wife joined on us this journey and have journeyed with us for many years.

Phone: 519.351.4444


Personal word from James:  "I have known Wayne Prevett for approximately 18 years. From our first interaction Wayne distinguished himself as an extraordinarily compassionate and genuine communicator. I have had the privilege of receiving valuable counsel and impartial direction from Wayne as a pastor as well as a friend. His incredibly honest style has endeared him to literally every social strata and family context. His leadership of Celebrating Life Ministry has guided and secured a profoundly impactful team of men and women who’s mission is to simply serve. I could not recommend Wayne more highly for any ministry and leadership position. He is an exceptional person." James MacNeil

Alwyn Howse

Al and I quickly became friends and ministry partners about 7 years ago. Al attended one of our training sessions as a rites of passage clergy and we seemed to instantly connect. Not long after our first meeting, Al reached out and offered to assit us in growing our ministry using his gifts of teaching and ablilites to care for all of our online needs.

Phone: 905.718.0934


Personal word from Al: "During the 7 years I have known Wayne through my role as clergy and trainer with Celebrating Life Ministries, I have witnessed him display exceptional leadership qualities and outstanding communication skills.  Among other great personal qualities, Wayne is a man of integrity, dependability and a definite relationship builder. In his leadership role as co-founder of Kettle Creek Weddings and as the Governing Official of Celebrating Life Ministries, Wayne has always been organized, reliable, positive, and an extraordinary mentor and teacher.  As clergy and trainer with Celebrating Life Ministries under Wayne's supervision, I have always found him approachable, consistent, an active listener, and always open to learning from others. Wayne is an excellent communicator.  His written communiqués are always organized, informative, and written with clarity. When he speaks, Wayne speaks with confidence, enthusiasm, and passion.  I have heard him tell the same story several times and each time I am just as engaged and enthralled as the first.  Wayne 'owns' what he communicates. In the last 7 years, I have come to appreciate Wayne as a man of great character, an excellent leader, and an extraordinary communicator.  Wayne would definitely be an incredible asset to any organization and I take great pleasure and honor in recommending him." Alwyn Howse

Dr. Denis Shakel

Dr. Shakel and I have been friends for the greater part of 15 years. He would often frequent wedding ceremonies I was officiating as his wife is a professional wedding photographer.


Personal word from Denis:

"This is in reference to Wayne Prevett whom I have been privileged to know and work with for over ten years. Wayne is such an effective communicator blessed with exceptional skills of both listening and speaking that I would describe him as one of the most charismatic and impactful leader/presenters I have met during my 42 years of professional life.  As a full professor currently teaching Management Communications at the prestigious Richard Ivey Business School and having chaired the Psychology Department within The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education [University of Toronto] where I taught Communications for 35 years, I have been exposed to large numbers of world-class communicators.  Wayne is within the top 3% of the world’s best communicators.   What separates him from the masses and propels him to a class of his own,comes down to his truly exceptional empathy, and compassionate understanding of people [especially when they are under stress].  This enables him brilliantly to choose language and non-verbal behavioursideally suited to creating exceptional trust levels and credibility. I have witnessed him deliver funeral services and also wedding celebrations which are models of pedagogy as well as examples of outstanding eloquence and appropriate mood-setting.  As a source of comfort and peaceful assurance, Wayne is a model from whom all funeral ministers could learn. My research and teaching has a heavy emphasis upon counselling and presenting effectively. Specific behaviours that Wayne has masteredinclude excellent eye-contact, most appropriate and professional use of touch, as well as an exceptional sensitivity around proximics. It is however, his skilful use of analogy, and easily understood imagery, that is truly exemplary. I would encourage you to ask for more details if desired." Dr. Denis Shackel Ph.D.