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Friends & Colleagues

Hello Wayne – Welcome to The 50’s Club!

Toula and I wish to let you in on a secret; this club is most amazing. Therefore, it is only fitting that you become a member.

Wayne, when we met you approximately 2 years ago, we quickly recognized several special qualities in you.

You have such a glowing personality and always speaking so kindly of others;

You stand out chiefly by your attitude - an attitude that is contagious and inspires others to change the world for the better;

Quite evidently, you have the great gift of speech. Your oratory prowess is reviving and energizing to those that are feeling down and compass like to others requiring direction;         

We have witnessed in you a great ability to translate vision into reality as you have clearly demonstrated in your ongoing ventures;

You are always talking about doing things you can’t do, yet that’s how you get to do them. Take your wish list for example, “50 Before 50”. You found a way. It must be kind of fun to do what some people deem impossible;

You make it easy to believe in the impossible – the amazing – and you constantly remind us that all one has to do is to believe that it can be done.

I once read a saying that goes something like this:

Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint you can on it. – Danny Kaye

To us, that Danny Kaye remark translates to Wayne Prevett and we are reminded of it each time we see you.

Wayne, Toula and I wish you a continuous journey of contentment and one full of joyful, fulfilling experiences.

Happy 50TH!

Toula & John Anagnostou

From Wedding Couples

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