My Upbringing

I was born into and raised in a solid evangelical Christian home. My parents remind me often that I was born on a Tuesday and went to church that first Sunday where I was introduced to Miss Felker who had committed to pray over every child who was brought into the nursery. Miss Felker prayed for me my entire childhood, teen years and into my adult life until she passed away.

I attended a Fellowship Baptist Church in London Ontario, Canada. My Sundays were centered around Sunday School, a morning worship service with hymns, prayers and exegetical peaching of the Bible. Sunday afternoons included family dinners, rest or entertaining of missionaries, then back to church to attend an evangelistic service in the evening.

My childhood included Sunday School, VBS in the summers, summer Christian camps and a Thursday evening boys club, called Christian Service Brigade. In my youth, I had the honor to be part of age specific youth groups that became the most significant influence on my spiritual growth. I took piano lessons and spent a great deal of time playing hockey.

I grew up in South Western Ontario in the great country of Canada, where from a very early age I was exposed to nature, hiking, bird watching, playing in the ponds behind our house and a love for all things outdoors. The influence of my grandparents and an uncle who dedicated his life to nature and animals shaped and inspired my love for the great outdoors.

I am eternally grateful for my family, my heritage, the many solid Christians who invested in my life and have journeyed with me al these years.